Why Grunt?

grunt-logoFor each project you work on do you concatenate and lint, minify your css/javascript, Optimize your images.
Would you like to dry run your build process locally with ease? Automate repetitive tasks ?

Grunt – The Javascript Task Runner built with NodeJS module can do all this and more with no efforts once the minimal setup is done. You need not know node.js or be a javascript ninja to use grunt. Once the setup is done all you have to do is run the $ grunt in the command line

To further advocate Grunt there are thousands of plugins available for your development needs which are linked to the grunt website

Grunt also integrates optimizations with Require.js and Closure Compiler. So as you can see, Grunt does not only help you building your project, but also serves as central configuration hub for external tools.

Use Font Awesome in Photoshop

Font Awesome

With mobile users exploding the web and everybody moving to responsive web development Icon fonts come as a good relief for designers and developers as well

Welcome icons font and bye bye sprite images, no css, only one http request and scalable.

  • Download Font Awesome and install the FontAwesome.otf  from the fonts folder
  • If your Photoshop is open , restart it
  • Set your font to Font Awesome in Photoshop
  • Copy paste the icon and not the unicode from the Font Awesome Cheat Sheet